Where do you read?

I’ve already shown you my writing space, so I thought I would show you the two places I like to read in the house:

Cold day

Cold day

Sunny day

Sunny day

Do you have favourite places you like to read? Or are you someone who can just plop down anywhere and lose yourself?


6 thoughts on “Where do you read?

  1. I always have a book with me, even if I’m just carrying my NOOK around so I am one of those people who can read wherever I am. Except for long car rides. Reading in a car makes me feel sick. Reading while driving, however doesn’t bother my stomach any but it sure does seem to make other people nervous.

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  2. I love the room there with the corner windows are in your home! I need lots of light. It does wonders. As a matter of fact, I am writing something about just that: light. I like to read in my rocking chair, on the love seat, or in this green chair in front of my laptop. The green chair has become my favorite spot. I use my iPad for many Ebooks. I do have paperback books but not very many. I have no room for books!


    • Haha, yeah it’s a nice place to sit when the sun is shining. Would love a little love seat! My partner insists I don’t have any more room, but it doesn’t stop me 🙂 Thanks for the comment!


    • You have a sun room? Jealous! I used to read during my lunch break, but then I got a new job where I only have half an hour at the most, so usually just scoff down something then get back to work. The toilet houses the books that I’m not particularly fond of, but make me laugh. At the moment it’s a certain book about vampires. 🙂

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