My curse

Migraines. I lost a whole day to one yesterday. For those lucky enough not to have these, it feels like a fish hook has lodged above your eye and a barb wire line is trying to pull it down through the back of your spine. Plus all the nausea, photosensitivity and loss of motor skills. I tend to knock myself out with Mercyndol and sleep it off.

Yesterday’s one wasn’t too bad, but I still was unable to do anything except stay in bed. I got up a couple of times, but after walking into a few door frames and tasting bile at the back of my throat when I tried to eat, I gave up and returned to the sanctuary of my bed. The end result was that I got no writing done, for which I feel horribly guilty. I’m making up for it today with a good long session.

The only good thing about migraines is that in my drug-addled state I fancy I have super powers. I can hear things much better and have eyes like an owl. The downside – if I haven’t taken anything for the pain – is that everything is much too loud and too bright. If houses had the option of a sensory deprivation chamber, I would go for one. Unfortunately I don’t have one at the moment so I have to put up with the cars going past on the main road and the light seeping in behind the curtains in my room. When I’m rich I’ll invest in sensory deprivation chambers called ‘Migraine Resoluter Extraordinaire’ and become even more rich. Maybe the drugs haven’t worn off yet…

11 thoughts on “My curse

  1. I like the post. Not so much the pain your in. I know that when i wear contacts I get pain in between my eyes. it’s not as bad as a migraine, but it still feels like someone is stretching my eyeballs and playing with the nerves in my head like it’s a harp. Hope you get a nice full day of writing in today!

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  2. I feel your pain. I used get struck with migraines a lot when I was younger but they have become less frequent (still just as painful though). Mine are the result of a deviated septum which causes me to develop at least one serious sinus infection a year (which is better than the three or four I used to get).

    I used to work with this girl who would complain that she wanted to go home because she “had a migraine”. I kept it to myself but I wanted to tell her that a real migraine is something that keeps you in bed whether you want to or not. All she had was a headache (if that).

    Glad you’re doing better! Remember us little people when you’re rich (and when you’re more rich).


    • I’m hoping mine go away eventually like they did for my mum and my sister. Never heard of a deviated septum being a cause for migraines. Although they have so many theories going about them. Mine are apparently genetic and stress induced. Plus a range of other factors that could contribute.
      To be fair, most people don’t understand what migraines are like until they’ve had one and think a bad headache is one. Once they actually have a migraine though, oh boy do they know the difference! It did used to annoy me when people would turn up to work and say they had a migraine that morning or something. It went away pretty quickly and where’s your migraine hangover?
      I’ll donate a Migraine Resoluter Extraordinaire to you when I become rich 🙂


      • Yeah, a deviated septum can lead to a “sinus headache” which can last all day and when it leads to a sinus infection (which it almost always does because a deviated septum can cause a build up of mucus which then proceeds to clog your ears) then the migraine can last for days.

        Thankfully, I’ve only ever had one incident where it lasted longer than 24 hours and that was when I was in school. When my father took me to the hospital (from school) the doctor was amazed I was even walking. My dad apologized to me later because he thought I was faking (it was a whole mess in which the sinus infection caused an ear infection which since it went untreated for too long caused a throat infection).

        Needless to say, I do not envy you. It has been so long since my last migraine that I can’t even remember. I still occasionally get severe headaches that nothing short of a serious painkiller can’t take care of but those I am at least able to tough through. An actual migraine though? Nope. Count me crippled!

        And a lot of people really DON’T know what a migraine is like. They think, “Oh, it’s just a headache.” And I’ll be looking forward to my MRE.


  3. Soounds awful but there is an upside like my nephew who hS TINNITUS. it gives him something to beef up his fiction, to give it that extra dash of interest and authenticity


    • I just had to google tinnitus because I forgot what it was. Interesting (and probably highly annoying) condition. It definitely helps in fiction if you’ve experienced what the character has experienced. Thanks for the comment!


  4. I can empathize with you as I have struggled with severe migraines since I was in Year 10 at High School. They are often quite debilitating. Hope that one day you will be able to get rid of them. If you ever market the MRE’s, I must just have to buy one from you! LOL


    • They’ve had a fair bit of interest, I might just have to invest in them. I had my first migraine without the pain this week. It was one of the oddest feelings in the world. I didn’t even know you could get them without the pain, but there you go.


  5. I would suggest you keep your eyes open, because you might have triggers that “help” to manifest the migraine. I used to suffer loads, and would lose days here or there. But I found if I reduced my cheese and chocolate (I know, right!) and don’t go more than three nights of less than 4 hours sleep I don’t suffer nearly as many. Touch wood. Best of luck to you and yours.

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    • Yeah, I know a few of my triggers but not all of them. I couldn’t possibly give up chocolate! I’m a chocolate fiend. It’s mostly genetic and my mum and older sister grew out of it so hopefully I do too. Thanks for the comment!


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