Where does the time go?

The last few weekends I have struggled not only to write posts for my blog, but also write my novel and do the essential reading. I’ve been having a social life, which is awesome, but the huge break in writing really slows me down.

I sat down today to continue on the novel writing and found that it took me almost an hour to write 500 words, half what I can usually manage. I picked up speed after that, but it’s a worry that only two days break from writing could slow me down that much. It makes me very concerned about what will happen when I return to work.

I’ve currently set out my writing schedule so that if I get a 9-5 job, I’ll still be able to get my writing in while keeping up with all the householderly duties. This past weekend has me doubting that I will be able to manage that however. Talk about burning the candle at both ends!

All you workers out there, how do you work around the miniscule hours left over for yourself to get time to write? I need some advice from the professionals!

7 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. Finding time to write with a 9-5 job can be really hard or really easy. It just depends on your situation. When I worked 8-4:30 and lived alone, I had like four hours every evening to write. Now that my boyfriend lives with me and I work 6:30-3, I feel like I never have a solid block of time to accomplish anything. I etched myself a schedule yesterday that allows myself 24 hours of writing time a week, so hopefully that will help! I guess it’s just a matter of telling your loved ones to give you some space and organizing the rest of your life to maximize your writing time.

    I’ve also been having more of a social life lately, and as much as it’s fun, I feel guilty about how much it cuts into writing time…


    • Yes, I sometimes have to be a bit mean to my boyfriend and tell him to leave me alone when the study door is closed. He works 3-11pm so I get a fair bit of time in the evening for writing at the moment. Social life is also important though. If we didn’t venture out every once in a while, where would we draw inspiration for our characters and settings? That’s what I tell myself anyway!


  2. I get up early in the morning around 5 or 6am to write. I usually blog during my lunch breaks and at night. But, to be a writer, you have to treat it professionally, so setting a schedule for yourself to write everyday really helps. I have too write at atleast 1000 words before I do anything for the day. That’s how I keep myself writing.


    • I could not get up that early, I’m much too lazy! And kudos for being able to concentrate on anything but food during lunch break. I used to spend mine stuffing my face. While I’m not working, I’m trying for 3000 words a day, just to fill in the time and get as much down as possible.

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      • Excellent! One buyer already! 🙂 Everything’s been pretty sweet. Just plodding along doing lots of boring stuff. And lots of social stuff. Making an effort to hang with the friends so I don’t become a hermit 🙂


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