I’ve got the shakes.

No guys, I’m not withdrawing from an illicit drug. It’s the nervous shakes.

Recently I wrote a post about hunting for jobs and it’s finally coming to fruition as I receive various forms of polite rejections and one shortlisting that required me to be tortured through phone interview. Here’s the kicker though: I’ve never been given the job after a phone interview. Why? Because word vomit.

I am truly the worst when it comes to interviewing on the phone. I’m not sure I even form whole sentences and I end every answer with, ‘well, yeah that’s about it…so…’ Embarrassing stuff. Especially when you’re going for a job that involves a lot of talking on the phone and focuses on phone manner. Let’s just say the interviewer didn’t sound impressed.

I had that interview three hours ago and I’m still sitting at a high level on the anxiety scale. Not a good sign when I need to get back to work. How am I supposed to work there if a little interview caused me such stress? I’m hoping it’s just myself knowing that I am hopeless at phone interviews and I really need a job. I can’t afford to have word vomit excreting from all openings. Enjoy that mental image.

It would be nice if they did email interviews for once. I would nail it. Or is that considered the initial application? Damn I’m confusing myself.

Anyone else get overly nervous for interviews? Nervousness that goes beyond the normal butterflies doing a dance in your stomach?

6 thoughts on “I’ve got the shakes.

  1. I hate talking on the phone — though I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Try to anticipate what some of the questions might be and write out succinct to the point answers for twenty of them. That ensures you’ll be ready for most things, won’t have word vomit and should reduce your nervousness. Can’t hurt, anyway.


  2. I hate phone interviews and never feel like I do well on them. I’m a rambler too. But it’s always worked out alright for me. Someone already said this, but it really helps to prepare notes that I can just read off before they call – basic stuff like “greatest weakness, greatest strength, why I want to work for this company, etc.” Dunno if you already do that, but it helps with the word vomit a bit.

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