The choppy 60,000 words

I have previously posted about other milestone word counts and their problems, and I have inevitably reached yet another phase in my writing that I feel everyone must encounter at some stage.

It occurred to me a few days later while I was hunting for jobs, that I could just write out that amazing scene.  Get it off my chest and unplug the flow of writing.

‘No!’ my inner planner shrieked.  ‘You’ll lose the flow, you’ll never come back to the filler.  Then your story is DOOMED.’

‘Do it,’ my muse whispered in my ear.  ‘You know you want to.  Because reasons.’

So, with that flawless reasoning, I turned off job searching mode and turned on furiously writing mode.  Within half an hour I had written a sloppy, but passable exciting scene.  I went back to where I had cut off and lo and behold, the story started to flow again, the characters woke up from their naps and got to action.

Whenever I’ve started to slow down since then because of a scene in the future that is nagging at my brain, I have skipped a few pages ahead and written it out, got it down before I lose my mind.  A new weapon to put in my writer’s arsenal.

And who said choppy writing was bad?

8 thoughts on “The choppy 60,000 words

  1. I’ve “written ahead” before as well, but I try not to. Because if I write all the exciting parts, then I’ll never feel like writing the boring ones 😛 So I usually limit myself to about two chapters to play with at a time. That might be six scenes, and I can write those six scenes in any order I please, but I have to finish those six before I move forward.


  2. I will say I’m starting my new series of books and just starting it is a battle. I’m at like 10000 words and I think the fantasy I’m pushing for maybe outside of my knowledge zone but dammit if I’m not determined enough to pull through and finish. 60000 to me was rough cause I always kill off characters. Mostly cause I’m bored of them or just have no more users for them. Hope things pull through for you!

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    • Just keep pushing through! As long as the first draft gets written, then go back and look and panic 🙂 I actually haven’t written ANYTHING since I posted this and it’s made me feel guilty. It’s the longest I haven’t written for about five months.


  3. I used to write chronologically but it wasn’t a good idea because I was worrying about sticking to the plan rather than writing, so inevitably, I would get stuck on a scene for literally months and a lot of frustration would follow. Well done for reaching 60k! 🙂


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