Parodies are the Devil

I didn’t intend to start liking this song.  I hated it purely out of principle.  Then the parodies came out and I enjoyed them.  I listened to them far too many times and started to get addicted to the beat.  And now I like the song.  Can you love and hate a song at the same time?

The Educational(?) Version

The Offensive(?) Version

What do you think of these music parodies?

Update on Epic Writing Session Sequence

Word Count: 2318

Initiate Epic Writing Session Sequence

I have just under twelve hours all to myself today.  So what am I going to do with it?  Spend time outside?


Stuff that.

Please.  I’m that close to finishing my story that I’m planting my arse in this here chair and writing.  Nothing less than a meteorite hitting my laptop will stop me from smashing out the words today.  I’ve even got the fuel to keep me going.


Much healthy. So heart attack.

Wish me luck!

Word count: ZERO