Back in Black…

Corporate black that is.

That’s right, I the infinitely jobless Kate Turville, have finally managed to wrangle a job.  It took six months, but that’s what happens in an uncertain climate.  I’ve ended up somewhere I never expected to be: the city.  I am now one in the masses that make their way into that jungle of skyscrapers and coffee houses to squint at a computer behind a desk for hours on end.  I don’t mind it as much as I expected, besides the constant body odour on public transport, being shoved every which way walking down the street, and the ever present feeling of guilt as I walk past the homeless with their hands outstretched.  Yep, I’m a corporate.

But that’s not the reason I’ve vanished from the blogosphere for the last month and a half.  That has to do with a certain Xbox One eating our data limit and trouble trying to switch to a company that will give us unlimited data.  But now I’m back and very much happy to be here.  I just have to flex my writing muscles a little.  They’ve diminished to the size of a pea and seem content to stay that size.  Will power is key here.

To all my loyal friends and followers, I’m sorry for the silence and hope to make it up to you one post at a time.  It’s not too late is it?  I’ll bake you cookies… 🙂

Is bribery for loyalty illegal?

6 thoughts on “Back in Black…

  1. Oh my gosh, Kate!!!!!!! You’re finally back! I actually have been popping in to see if you had naything new. It’s great to have you back. So happy you found a job! I really hope all is well and please keep in touch. You’re like the one Australian friend I have lol Keep up the work and I’m sorry about the odor your having to deal with. I actually ran out of deodorant so I’m headed to the store!

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  2. I’m super late to this, as I’ve been away from the blogosphere as well, but congrats! Six months is about the average job hunt time these days, so that’s not too shabby (but it feels like an eternity in the moment, doesn’t it?). I know that must be a huge relief. Hope you’re doing well!


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