Blind as a bat

It’s been ten years since I had my eyes checked. Until today. And it turns out that I probably should have gone a little sooner.

I’m not good at many things, but I’ve always been able to claim that I have better than 20/20 vision based on an eye test I had when I was 14. Now I have to swallow my words and perhaps realise that I somehow cheated on that test, because I have astigmatism in my left eye. Apparently it shows up quite early on in life and I find it hard to believe that I didn’t have it at the age of 14.

I have a prescription for glasses in my bag, just begging to be filled. I should of got them today. But I couldn’t. I’m going to get a second opinion, even though when the optometrist gave me the lenses I should be using suddenly everything was clear. I’m not going to give up on my claim just yet.

It’s just a shame, because I was quite proud of my vision. My world has crumbled around me! Alright, that was a bit melodramatic but it has made me think about things I have been proud of in the past that I now realise I was silly for believing.

Like the doctor saying I was stronger than a full grown man when I had to squeeze his fingers for some test at the age of six. You lied to me doctor! The only reason I remember that was because I was proud of it for the next six years. Now it comes as a source of embarrassment as I remember I used to brag about it to my friends.

In any case, I may need to accept that another part of me is slightly impaired and that’s alright because it rounds out my whole entity into a slightly flawed object. Slightly flawed is so much more interesting than perfect. Just ask all the Mary Sues.