The Dance

She looked up at the sky as it changed from a bright blue to the dark of night, bloody streaks of emerald and purple tainting the black. It meant nothing to her, the sudden change, but it meant something to the aunt who pointed at the sky with a quivering, vein-lined hand.

The aunt’s shout brought the attention of the entire group and she watched as the aunt lowered her hand to cover her brow, the other one covering her heart, the eternal symbol of danger. Others pointed to the sky now, the colours transforming and blending until a large creature emerged flying through the sky, lightening flickering as its wings beat the air.

The aunt cried now, collapsing and she leant down to comfort the older woman, her small hand rested against the ragged edges of the woman’s spine while she continued to look up at the sky. More colours were appearing around the creature, gold and silver, green and yellow, orange and brown. They all coalesced to form similar beings, their wings reaching out to cover the entire skyline.

Fear should have entered her, but it was only curiosity that flooded through her, a burning desire to see the creatures close up, to be consumed by them. She stepped forward, her hand dragging along the aunt’s spine before falling off and hanging loosely at her side. Her toes dug into the dirt below, feeling the movement of the earth and she continued on, a cry behind her going unnoticed.

No one tried to stop her and she stepped outside the circle, her eyes reflecting the dance of the creatures, her ears full of their music. They weaved amongst each other, sending splashes of colour further across the sky which in turn birthed more of the dancers, their movements wild yet graceful.

She wished to be one of them, flying so powerfully through the sky and her body moved of its own accord, doing its own clumsy interpretation of the dance. Her heart soared, reaching to join them so high above her and they turned to look at her as one, bodies shifting in the sky. Her feet scuttled across the ground as she moved faster to meet them, the creatures of the air, beautiful in their might.

Her hand reached out, begging to be taken, to be released from the earth which held her prisoner. They looked at her but did not help. She needed to do this herself, lose herself in order to find herself. Time became meaningless as she danced, her movements becoming more graceful as she edged towards the creatures, their wings beating air into her face as she approached, blowing her hair back, stripping away her entire being.

The dance quickened, encouraging her to move faster, to match the rhythm and she did so, effortlessly now, as her spirit started to pull away from her body. Her heart no longer hammered with the exertion, her breath no longer misted the air and blood no longer flooded through her veins. She left pain behind, just another prisoner of earth.

It all came to a stop and she rushed up to meet the creatures, a colourful streak in the sky joining the dance of the dragons.