Parodies are the Devil

I didn’t intend to start liking this song.  I hated it purely out of principle.  Then the parodies came out and I enjoyed them.  I listened to them far too many times and started to get addicted to the beat.  And now I like the song.  Can you love and hate a song at the same time?

The Educational(?) Version

The Offensive(?) Version

What do you think of these music parodies?

Update on Epic Writing Session Sequence

Word Count: 2318

Shameless music promotion!

Come check out this awesome upcoming band from Melbourne! Run Rabbit Run is an alternative folk-rock band that released its debut single ‘Down the Line’ on the weekend. Very catchy song, if you ask me, and it’s not just because one the of band members is my cousin 🙂

Check the YouTube clip below:

Let me know what you think down below and I’ll pass it on. Or even better, leave a comment on their YouTube video!

Happy listening!

When in doubt, turn on the music

Music affects all of us. Whether you’re young or old, music plays with your emotions, tugging them this way and that to dance to the beat. Advertisers use this to their advantage, playing familiar tunes through the speakers at supermarkets to influence shoppers to stay longer. Current dance hits draw in the partying crowds at nightclubs and the lone trumpet or bagpipe at a war memorial perfectly encapsulates the sensations a person will feel at seeing the sacrifices of their fellow man. Everyone pictures a shark when the Jaws theme song plays and the sight of a man wearing a hat, holding a whip is remembered at the first few notes of Indiana Jones.

What then, of books? How does the author get across what they want the reader to feel without the easy manipulation of music?

Why, by listening to music while they write. I recently compiled a Writing playlist that features songs that make me feel upset, happy or excited, amongst other emotions. I found that it was much easier to convey the emotions I wanted in a scene when I felt the same way whilst writing it. In the scene where a character dies, I played ‘The North Remembers’ by Ramin Djawadi as composed for Game of Thrones. If I had been listening to ‘Baby Hit Me One More Time’, I don’t think that scene would come out as well. When I needed to feel excited I played ‘I Love It’ by Icona Pop (feat. Charli XCX). The dialogue in that scene came out snappy as a result. It helped me to enter the character when I was feeling what she was feeling.

We might not be able to play music in the background as our reader makes their way through our book, but we can make sure that the emotions are still there, printed in ink what the author felt at the time. And that’s kinda cool.