The blog advice conundrum

I’m an advice junkie. I’ll spend hours online looking up the best way to develop my characters, write dialogue – hell, even how to saw circles into wood. I’m not the type of person who can strike out into new territory just winging it, I need to have a solid background before I even attempt to tiptoe out onto that cracked ice.

Starting up a blog, I knew that I would spend hours researching how to best go about it. I took my seat at my desk, kicked my cat off the laptop (weird visualisation there) and knuckled down, determined to be an expert by the time I was done. I lasted five minutes.

I quickly realised that making a blog wasn’t like writing a novel or making circular plaques. There are basic rules about how to go about making novels and circles work. Not so for blogs. You can do whatever you want with it. You may be horrible at grammar, or write in entirely legal jargon or totes tlk in txt tlk and I’m sure you’ll find someone out there who identifies with you, who finds your blog interesting.

True, the same can be said for novels or being arty crafty, but I feel that blogs, being an entirely personal entity shouldn’t be bound in the same rules. The thoughts of a person are valuable, no matter whether they follow the guidelines. I write novels aimed at my sister, I make plaques for the reptile room but I write the blog essentially for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I would love if people found my words to be of some worth. If that doesn’t happen though, I’m still happy. I’m getting those thoughts out that need to¬†escape.

The first thing I was told to do while I was researching blogs was to only focus on one thing while writing my blog. But I’m interested in more than one thing! I might want to talk about my writing in one post, environmental issues in another and about my socks in a third. This type of blog may only appeal to the sock-wearing environmental writers, but I feel that I still might find a little bit of an audience. So too would yours.

Blogs show us who the person really is sitting behind the keyboard, and rules restrict this. I’m not just a writer and I’m not just interested in the environment. I am complex dammit!

All in all, I’ll write what I want to write and try to ignore the lure of advice websites. This time I’m winging it. Unless, of course, you have advice for me. It’s not cheating if it’s on my own blog.